23 Apr 2022: Start working


Long time no hear from us...but still HELLO TO ALL BAIT MAKING WORLD!!!

We announce the start of our work since the 25th of April.

All our personnel is alive. We tried to help each other while active war actions nearby. Our factory is not damaged, despite a bomb nearby. We will have problems with buying aluminum, but still possible task. We have huge stock of stone material.

Unfortunatelly, many things have become more expensive since the war start. But we will keep them mostly at the same price. The only thing we can't avoid is the price on aluminum material. To tell the truth, fucking putin's russian federation was the main supplier of it before the war. And, looks like, the price on aluminum have been risen worldwide... But still, we will rise our material component of aluminum molds just slightly, just to have ability to work without loses.

Thankfully to Ukrainian Government - God bless them!!! - we have an ability to deliver goods worldwide. As the sky is closed, the only post service is UkrPoshta. They deliver goods to Poland by land and then put on a plane there. Not so far we dispatched 52 big boxes for USA with UkrPoshta EMS. They have reached destination in 2,5 weeks. Not as fast as FedEx or UPS, but still not so bad.

As for now, we have no active war actions in our region. Our Government says to all people in Ukraine, who have ability to work, to do that. So, let's get started with all these conditions. And then will see.


God bless all bait makers!

Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava!