24 Apr 2022: Delivery

Hello to all bait making world from struggling Ukraine!

Happy Easter to all orthodoxal christians!!!

Thankfully to Ukrainian Government - God bless them!!! - we have an ability to deliver goods worldwide. As the sky is closed, the only post service is UkrPoshta. They deliver goods to Poland by land and then put on a plane there. Not so far we dispatched 52 big boxes for USA with UkrPoshta EMS. They have reached destination in 2,5 weeks. Not as fast as FedEx or UPS, but still not so bad.

Additionally, we have an ability to send goods with Nova Poshta Global. It's more expensive, but timing is pretty the same - about 2 weeks. So, looks like we will not propose this option for the nearest time. No significant benefits from it.

How many planes does UkrPoshat have per week? - Only 1. That's why delivery time is 2+ weeks. But, to tell the truth, they had the same delivery time before the war. And we dispatched many parcels this way. All up to 1kg.

So, we believe, all will be good with this.

God bless all bait makers!
Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava!