25 Apr 2022: Zelensky

Hello to all bait makers!

We have a brand new day again. One more day of war. The 61st.  But in free country. On our own land.

Since the beginning of the war everything changed. We have become a solid pack. With one common aim. To win! To return our families back home. To recover the country. To live.

It's the exact time to say HUGE THANK YOU to our President Volodymyr Zelensky. To our army. To our government. To the governments of all the countries who helped and keep helping us during the war. To individuals and nations, thankfully to whom we have our lives and our free world.

God bless all of you!!! Thank you!!! Keep being THE PEOPLE who are the ones of a big honor from all the Ukrainians. We will never forget.

And God bless all bait makers in the world!

Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava!