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Fishing soft bait mold BleakVTail 4.6 inch model ID W705 from Bugmolds

  • Fishing soft bait mold BleakVTail 4.6 inch model ID W705 from Bugmolds
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    All our molds can be customly redesigned to avoid copyright. We also provide non-disclosure. Your unique custom design will not appear in our standard catalogue in case you demand that from manager when ordering. As for today more than 30% of our model base is "not for sale" and protected by non-disclosure agreement. Be sure to use this option in case you plan to sell baits. For more information feel free to ask manager Victor Porskalo.


    · DIY bait mold for making fishing soft plastic baits.

    · QTY of cavities: 1 (default) or many on your choice.

    · Material: STONE (default) or ALUMINUM on your choice.

    · QTY of injection ports: 1 (default) or individual on your choice.

    · Lubrication: recommended for stone.

    · Injector diam: 16mm = 5/8".

    · Brand: Bugmolds.

    · Picture may be for reference only.

    · Dispatching time - up to 10 days.


    DISCOUNTS on multi-cavity molds:

    · 3-cav, 4-cav - 5%

    · 5-cav - 10%

    · 6-cav - 20%

    For more than 6-cav contact manager Victor Porskalo for bigger discount. Or check our ready multi-cavity low cost molds.

    Stone plastic mold (low cost) - most popular mold material. Cheap, pretty durable and available for everyone. Need lubrication. The best decision for beginners, 1-cavity molds or samples.

    Aluminum mold (medium cost) - the best material for do-it fishing bait making and small manufacturing. Extremely long lifetime - people don't live so long. Easy to work with. No lube needed. Fast producing. Can be additionally polished.

    Any mold can be made in multi-cavity version. But be sure to check our ready multi-cavity low cost molds. Maybe, your mold already exists and costs less.

    If you want to inject all baits at a time - choose "1 injection port" option. This option is good for 1-color baits. Also use this option for 2-color baits like Craws, Bugs, Worms which have belly in 1 plate and back in other plate. If you want to produce 2-color curly tails (twisters) or swimbaits - choose "individual injection ports" option. Use individual port for huge volume baits also.

    Be sure to check our 5/8" injectors for making 2-color soft lures or single-color soft lures. 

    For more info read our FAQStill have questions or want to make custom order - contact our manager Victor Porskalo before purchasing.

    God bless bait makers worldwide!

  • Categories Bait Molds - Soft Jerkbait Molds - Soft Bait Molds
    Single/Multy On your choice
    Material Stone or Aluminum
    Type Soft Jerkbait
    BRAND Bugmolds
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