Dispatching time – up to 10 days

As BUGMOLDS is an original bait molds manufacturer, we don't keep a stock of ready molds. That would be possible in case we had up to 100 models, for example. But BUGMOLDS has a huuuge base of original models,  many sizes of the ones, has flexible custom bait mold service. So, having a stock of molds is impossible. Every time we cut brand new mold. Our regular dispatching time is up to 10 days. Not business days. Regular calendar days. Because we cut molds every day. But we have in stock injectors, glitters, spare parts, etc. In case your order doesn't include molds, we can dispatch it within 3 days.

Shipping services

While the war with russia (the 1st letter is not capital!!!), we use:

  1. Ukr Poshta Avia or Ukr Poshta EMS - 2 cheap ways. Up to 2 weeks to the USA, for example.
  2. UPS and FedEx have also come back. UPS - up to 12 days to the USA, FedEx - up to 8 days.
  3. Sometimes we use Nova Poshta Global when it’s smart.

They all deliver your goods by land to Poland and then deliver by plane.

Shipping cost

We don't earn on shipping. Only on goods. But we add to delivery cost all the commissions we need to pay. Our manager always observes changes in original delivery fees and new proposals from carriers. So, we try to update them fast.

Refunds and replacements

Of course, we try to avoid bad orders. BUGMOLDS has big experience of underwater stones that might happen on this way. But with all the forces they appear from time to time. Like all similar sellers or buyers have them. Our standard algorithm is to be in touch with a client till the issue is solved. In case there is something wrong with an order - contact our manager. And be sure, you are in safe hands.

Non-standard delivery

In case you plan big B2B order - contact BUGMOLDS manager about delivery and operating time.

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