DIY Fishing soft bait Stone offset...

DIY Fishing soft bait Stone offset hook Swimbait 1-cav mold DarkSleeper 3,2inch model ID SV1116_1s1_o

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Mold material
L, inch
Hand pour
Glued stone



All our molds can be customly redesigned to avoid copyright. We also provide non-disclosure service. Be sure to use this option in case you plan to sell molds, baits or sinkers. For more information read FAQ or contact Manager.


  • DIY bait mold for making fishing soft plastic baits.
  • QTY of cavities: 1 (default) or many on your choice.
  • Material: STONE (default) or ALUMINUM on your choice.
  • QTY of injection ports: 1 (default) or individual on your choice.
  • Lubrication: recommended for stone.
  • Injector diam: 16mm = 5/8".
  • 100% compatible with our 5/8" injectors.
  • Brand: Bugmolds.
  • Picture may be for reference only.
  • Dispatching time - up to 10 days.


  • Discount on multi-cavity molds.
  • Custom bait or mold design.
  • Equip with offset hook insert.
  • Make lamination plate.
  • Custom logo on baits.
  • Non-disclosure agreement on request.
  • Wholesale discounts.
  • Download full catalogue.
  • Promo-codes for reviews.

Full list of options - read our FAQ or contact Manager.

Read our FAQ, please, to be sure what mold to choose: stone-aluminum, 1 or many cavities, 1 or many injection ports. In case it doesn't help - ask Manager for additional info.

* Be sure to check "Copyright" field in Product Details! Free to use = you can re-sell molds or baits totally freely in any country. Replica = this bait was copied from some original brand's model and is very similar to it. Read more how it works and how to avoid issues in our FAQ.

Be sure to check the “Glued stone” option. “Yes” = it’s a glued stone material. “No” = it’s ok, don’t pay attention. Read more in our FAQ about Glued stone material or contact Manager

Follow safety precautions when working with hot plastisol and lead! Our product can not cause direct harm to humans. Client itself is responsible for his safety and safety of co-workers when working with hazardous matters on his area.

For more information read FAQ or contact Manager before ordering. Purchasing this item you confirm you have read and understood the description.

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