Hello, our dearest Bait Makers! Today I will tell you a real story about how all can turn around when ordering “BUGMOLDS” not from official places. That all happened with a USA client. Let’s name him Aaron.

He has bought a double hand injector on Amazon. The item was sold as a BUGMOLDS product but was of a very bad quality. It didn’t work. The client contacted our crew and asked for compensation or replacement. He had all rights for that, because BUGMOLDS provides #BugmoldsClientProtection.

I have checked the store where the item was bought. That time no me, no our official partners were selling goods on Amazon. I didn’t know the store. So, after some investigation and trying to contact the seller I understood that I can’t say who the seller was and where he (or she) had got that item. That may be a defective one, a fake copy, a used and broken device. Additionally, there was no info from my managers about selling something similar to possible re-sellers within a long period. And the client becomes “not mine”. But still insists on returning $100+.

I show him where we and our partners sell officially (you can read here) and say that he needs to contact the original seller on Amazon. He says that he tried but received no response. So, according to his feelings of justice I need to make the compensation. Well…imagine a situation. Somebody has bought an old Ford, changed the label to Lexus, sold it to me and I try to contact “Lexus” with that car to take their official service. No, #BugmoldsClientProtection doesn’t work this way. Buying from suspicious places you are taking all the risks and need to demand protection from those suspicious sellers.

But still, we are not angry people. BUGMOLDS manager proposed to Aaron some sort of compensation: big discount on the same brand new item, partial refund and I don’t remember what else. Even that was not according to #BugmoldsClientProtection, that was more. The client was not satisfied with the proposal. He started to write everywhere on facebook bad reviews about BUGMOLDS. And I started to write counter-reviews with all the story. That was not honest in BUGMOLDS side and was like hunting: I needed to find all his posts and write there.

After some time, my crew and I decided 2 things. First, Aaron could really become a victim of a scammer. Second, we have found some budget to send him a replacement. The decision was to give him for free an ability to try our original product and make an opinion. But he didn’t reply to our messages. The problem was - we had no his address or even PayPal, because he had never bought from us or our partners. We needed to “hunt” him via facebook comments, but he didn’t reply to them either. He gave us no chance to send him that item for free and resolve a problem caused by a non-honest seller from Amazon.

What was the next is not according to #BugmoldsClientProtection. But I was totally focused on two things. Was the client a scammer or a sort of competitors’ agent himself? If not, how to make him contact me? After a long holy war with many things I feel myself a bit ashamed of, he has finally contacted me. He was not an agent. So, I have brought my kind apologies for all the offends and sent him an item.

Aaron was totally satisfied with the replaced original dual injector and has posted a review on facebook totally opposite to his previous ones. This way we both have cleaned our karmas.

>>>Randomly some of you may have read negative comments I had towards bugmolds after a bad dual injector. Thanks to this group and Yuriy Bugmolds I now have a replacement dual injector.

>>>The replacement works fine and has nice improvements over my previous dually. I like that the rear caps are vented, or oil hole on the injector tube ends.

>>>The handle has been redesigned to allow for ease of removal for Milking the Cow without loosening the yoke.

>>>Overall this dual injector feels nice, both pistons slide, and everything seems OK. Unsure why the pistons are punched through for the rod, seems a great way to introduce air when vacuum loading, but I hand load each injector and cap off so this shouldn't affect me.

>>>Thank you Yuriy Bugmolds.

>>>Yes, those worms were an attempt at triple injection since have 2 mixing blocks. Not advised for multi cavity on a runner.

Well, a really bad story. But with a happy end, thanks God. It gave us a push to inform you about all our official trading points. BUGMOLDS itself sells its products only here. Our official partners will be shown here. All those trading places are covered with #BugmoldsClientProtection. Purchasing “BUGMOLDS” from other places is according to your own decision. But we will not be able to help you in case of issues.

Thank you for reading this horror story.
We appreciate your time.


Comments (2)

    • Tim
    • 2023-04-07 12:06:42
    Placed 2 orders, package was good and the molds shoot great. Ordered another 4 molds.
    • geoffrey
    • 2023-04-13 00:03:17
    my first purchase was great. poured very nice. i have made a second purchase which is custom and very reasonably priced. i will definitely continued to do business with bug molds
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